home body. beer lover. cake eater. bookworm. mountain hiker. jeans gal. prefers oceans over lakes. tree hugger. swears like a sailor. is occasionally hyper active. is fluent in both english and sarcasm. would like to figure out a way to appropriately wear yoga pants for any occasion. thinks chocolate cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast. easily amused. worst joke teller ever. believes black olives to be one of the most disgusting foods ever invented.  still uses the word ‘undies.’ all time rocks-paper-scissors champion of the world.  thinks anyone who doesn’t love dogs is weird. frequently makes up words. still thinks “that’s what she said” is damn funny. avoids doing dishes at all costs. is much more smooth behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Samantha grew up chasing fictional characters around in her mind. At a very young age before she could actually form a sentence or even a word for that matter, she would scribble down stories and have her mother read them back you her. As she grew so did her stories and here she is today sharing them with you.  A lifelong fan of notebooks and the power of the written word, she enjoys sharing both through her short stories and blog posts with readers. She blogs at  The Brown Paper Parcel, Launched in November 2012.

Favorite Authors:

– S.E Hinton

– J.R.R Tolkien

-J.K Rowling

To name a few…


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